Our mission is to increase the number of Nigerians that regularly get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) by Actively Raising Interest in Sexual Epidemics (ARISE)™. We hope to empower youths (and inadvertently women and men) by engendering proactive behavior that fosters improved reproductive health now and in the future. In doing so, we also hope to ultimately contribute to Nigeria's attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5 which include: ensuring good health and well-being as well as gender equality, respectively.


As of 2016, the number of Nigerians living with HIV/AIDS was 3.2million (UNAIDS). In addition, our market research showed that there is a growing need to provide medical assistance for sexually transmitted infection/diseases (STI/STD). Most importantly, good reproductive health is essential for continuity of life, promotes gender equality and unearths cultural flaws that stall economic growth.

3.2 Million 


Testing rate for STI is low, further making it difficult to manage the epidemic or work towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on health. In addition, other impediments like stigmatization, financial hardship and ignorance about STI further discourage testing behavior


Most STI can be treated if caught early. The presence of other STI increases an individual’s chances of contracting HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to increase awareness of other STI as well as HIV/AIDS while addressing the problem in three ways:

Increase Education

Leverage Media influences

Testing & Treatment

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